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Prinz von Hessen

[Corporate Design]


Weingut Prinz von Hessen, Geisenheim-Johannisberg, Germany


Fuenfwerken Design AG, Berlin/Wiesbaden, Germany

A new corporate design was developed for the Prinz von Hessen winery in the Rheingau. It addresses wine lovers in the premium segment, advances the international focus of the winery, and takes into account its 800-year history. As the basis for the design, an ancient coat-of-arms of the House of Hesse was adapted to create a contemporary look. The word and design mark derived from it, the lines of the label, and the capsules designed with stripes in the colours of the state of Hesse convey royal opulence, and, thus, intentionally oppose the trend in wine labelling towards reduction. The result is a corporate identity that visually stands out from its competition.

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