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The Easier Way

[Print Campaign]


Merkur Versicherung AG, Graz, Austria


Arts & Crafts, Vienna, Austria

Creative Direction

Gerd Haselsteiner, Thomas Krutt

Graphic Design

Johanna Edelmann


Arthur Cadre, Cadre Body Arts, Montreal, Canada

The fact that preventative health care does not necessarily have to be complicated is demonstrated in a print campaign called “The easy way” by Merkur Versicherung AG. At the centre of the motifs, photographed in an idyllic landscape or in front of a plain concrete wall, is a performer of Cirque du Soleil. He dominates the image with spectac-ular exercises and attracts the attention of the observer. The text, which is arranged around him, stands in clear contrast to his contortions and gets right to the point: it can be much easier – with the right insurance.

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Dieses Projekt finden Sie auch im International Yearbook Communication Design 2017/2018.