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Ingenuous Gold-Sweet Potato Vermicelli

[Food Packaging]


Chaoyang University of Technology, Taichung City


Pei-Yi Yeh, Ling-Ju Li, Yuan-Tsai Liu, Hong-Sheng Chen, Pei-Sin Chen, _Chaoyang University of Technology

Supervising Professor

Kuei-To Wang, Jui-Chun Hung

These vermicelli, made from sweet potatoes, have a golden touch which makes them highly symbolic: gold represents luck, vermicelli a long life; even eating this dish is supposed to bring good luck. The noodles are packed in a box which is shaped like a sweet potato. Three different colours as well as golden illustrations, showing traditional plant motifs, symbolise wealth, health and success. Inside the box, there are not only the vermicelli but also a page with divine verses as well as, and that is quite convenient, creative recipes.

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