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Wealth & Honor

[Beverage Packaging]


Johnnie Walker House Seoul


Indirain, Seoul

Art Direction

Ji Yeon Chang, Jing Dong Cui, Indirain


Ji Yoon Kim, Seoul

Head of Marketing

Hyuk Soo (James) Lee, Hye Ja Kim, Ji Sun Park, Diageo, Seoul

Project Management

Jung Hwa Lee, Indirain

The Johnnie Walker Blue special edition was launched on the Korean market to celebrate the New Year of 2016. It includes Korean characters and mother-of-pearl inlays in the design, making it a special gift and collectible. Its bottle, which is inlaid with the symbols of wealth and prosperity, such as peony, deer and peacock, is a work of art. Each side of the brand’s square signature bottle bears the letters of the Korean translation of “Wealth and Honor”. When the four bottles are put together in a line, it turns into a complete motif displaying these two words.

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