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LEGO Classic Taiwan Architecture

[Book, Slipcase]


Chihlee University of Technology, New Taipei City


Chen-Hsuan Liao, Li-Hsin Hsu, _Chih-Cheng Chang, Chihlee University of Technology

Supervising Professor

Shih-Lun Chen

Both of these books deal with the diversity of Taiwanese architecture, which reflects influences, among others, of the Ming period, the Qing dynasty and the Japanese occupation. Not only old buildings are illustrated, but also modern objects, for example a betel nut stand. The special thing about it is the fact that they have been replicated from Lego pieces. The slip cover, in which the books are kept, also adopts the Lego theme. On it, there is a colourful depiction of a figure made from Lego pieces on a brown background.

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