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Happy to Be Round

[Character Design]
[Red Dot: Junior Award]


Tainan University of Technology, Tainan City, Taiwan


Hsiao-Ching Lin, Ying-Ru Chen, Hsiang-Yi Lo, Kun-Nong Lin, De-Yo Kuo, Tainan University of Technology

Supervising Professor

Hsien-Bi Su

Since the beginning of the 20th century, the western ideal of beauty, according to which only a slim woman is a beautiful woman, has spread all over the world. As an alternative concept, this work introduces six well-known female characters with well-rounded figures. The illustrations show the buxom figures in a kind of aureole, surrounded by distinctive features of their character. By means of this tongue-in-cheek glorification and an overall playful, ornamental style, the figures radiate a relaxed attitude towards their own corpulence.

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