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Mindworks, Athens


Mindworks, Athens

Creative Direction

Mike Polizos, Gregory Papadopoulos

Art Direction/Web Design

Mike Polizos


Elisa Pardalidi

Account/Project Management

Giannis Panagiotou

Web Development/Programming

Dimitris Makris, Eleni Theocharopoulou, ATCOM

The new Mindworks website has been created not only to feature case studies but to become a case study itself. A single page design, divided by contrasting shapes, represents the agency’s dynamic character. Inspired by its logo, diamond-shaped elements smoothly glide to form content hotspots and create a unique parallax effect. Video case studies take centre stage presenting information in an engaging way, whilst sophisticated animation creates a unique user interface experience. Mindworks.gr aims to reflect the agency’s motto, “We Make Great Things Happen”.

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