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Manner Sound Logo

[Audio Branding]


Josef Manner & Comp. AG, Vienna, Austria


WESOUND GmbH, Berlin, Germany

Creative Direction

Carl-Frank Westermann

Film Production

Nikolaus Logothetis

Music/Sound Design

Frank Schimmelpfennig

Strategic Planning

Cornelius Ringe

Manner’s brand identity is based on two historical pillars, the Viennese ori-gin and the close bond to St. Stephen’s Cathedral, also used for the visual logo on the Manner product packaging. The new sound logo expresses the brand identity within a few seconds. It consists of a six-tone melody played in pizzicato style, which gives it a cheerful and delightful air and reactivates the original music of a Manner jingle used in the 1970s, followed by an original recording of the famous “Pummerin” (“Boomer”), the bell of St. Stephen’s Cathedral, to represent the cultural origin of the brand.

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