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Deutsche Stimmklinik – The Voiceprint

[Corporate Signet]


Deutsche Stimmklinik Management GmbH, Hamburg


MUTABOR Design GmbH, Hamburg

Art Direction

Patricia Kleeberg

Creative Direction

Sven Ritterhoff

Graphic Design

Evangelos Pentazopoulos, Dimitri Wiss

Project Management

Edda Schäfer

The corporate design for Deutsche Stimmklinik uses the sound of the human voice in an innovative manner to create the clinic logo. At the clinic, the voice of every new patient is usually analysed and recorded in a multidimensional voice profile. With the aim of creating a distinctive logo, the designers worked closely together with the clinic in order to develop a process that allows the visualisation of this complex quantitative analysis along the spectral lines of a special matrix. This process transforms the spectral voice information into a visual graphical pattern. As a result, all patients receive their individual voiceprint, which is as unique as their fingerprint. The logo of the clinic shows the voiceprint of its founder and initiator. The individual voiceprint of each patient is also part of the patient file, allowing easy identification of all patients through their own version of the clinic logo.

Statement by the jury

This work surprises in that it takes sound design and applies it in a fascinating way. Based on an innovative and exciting process, sound, here, becomes a part of the clinic’s corporate identity. Using a special matrix, the human voice is transformed into the visual language of graphics. This results in a strong visual identity for the clinic, derived from the subject of the clinic’s professional focus: the human voice.

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