13th Street Label Graphics

On-Air Design


NBC Universal Global Networks Deutschland GmbH, Munich

head of marketing

Elmar Krick


DMC Design for Media & Communication, Munich

managing director

Walter Puschacher

creative direction

Bernd Mutscheller

art direction

Sergej Höntzsch, Manuel Steinhauser

graphic design

Aitor Benavent Cabanas

project management

Stephanie Tietz


Jens Hoffmann

In order to brand the different programmes of the TV channel 13th Street, a graphic package was created to put the target audience into the right mood before individual programmes are screened. It is with great suspense that the so-called “labels” highlight a monthly blockbuster movie, announcing it in advance as an individual event. The focus of the design was the brand’s core value of “anticipation”. This refers to the anticipation of danger, being drawn into the thrill of the unknown, and the creation of suspense, which is entirely based on suggestiveness.

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