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SP Cream Cards

[Corporate Guidelines]


Schindler Parent GmbH, Meersburg


Schindler Parent GmbH, Meersburg


Annika Förderer, Flavia Monti, Hannah Schienle, Janine Kühner, Jessica Laub, Mareike Aßfahl, Billy Contreras, Johannes Kretz, Jörg Bluhm, Michael Barthelme, Sebastian Fuhr, Thilo Riedesser

Editorial Work

Dr. Constance Hotz, Christoph Siwek, David Bumiller, Michael Nipp, Sebastian Sona


Bernhard Spieß


Christine Schöler, Schöler Druck & Medien, Immenstadt im Allgäu

Project Management

Sebastian Schnell

These SP Cards were created with the aim of communicating the current corporate guidelines to the agency’s staff. Each of the 43 cards shows an individually designed motif on the front, which creates a diverse overall image in combination with the other cards. The back of each card features a text related to a specific guideline. Their layout consistently follows the agency’s corporate design. By contrast, the motifs on the front were designed by a team of creative professionals without any design brief in just one day, making the process a team building and employer branding exercise in one go.

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This project can be found in the
International Yearbook Communication Design 2016/2017.