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The Guy Who Cut Everything in Half

[Digital Campaign]


Deutscher Anwaltverein, Berlin



Art Direction

Julius Steffens


Philipp Stute

Creative Direction

Franz Röppischer, Lorenz Langgartner

Creative Innovation Direction

Franz Röppischer, Lorenz Langgartner

Executive Creative Direction

Benedikt Göttert

Graphic Design

Azim Abasbek

Motion Design

Dennis Fritz

In Germany, a divorce can cost you up to 50 per cent of your belongings. Consulting a lawyer and getting a prenuptial agreement before the wedding can help to prevent that. In order to sensitise unmarried couples to the topic, the Deutscher Anwaltverein (German Bar Association) commissioned this campaign. A purposefully amateur-style video was created for streaming on YouTube, showing fictitious character Martin G., who after splitting up with his wife takes the notion of “splitting up” literally and cuts the entire shared household in halves, sarcastically thanking his ex-wife for “12 beautiful years”. He then continues to sell all cut up items on eBay. This story made it around the world, generating high attention in social media and on the web. After revealing who stood behind the story, the traffic on the German Bar Association’s online platform increased by 173 per cent.

Statement by the jury

This viral campaign is a truly powerful way of getting a heavy message across in a very light-hearted and entertaining way – a highly humorous and clever canvass. By resorting to social media as a channel, the campaign also has exemplarily managed to place the topic in tradi- tional media in order to generate the highest possible degree of attention.

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This project can be found in the
International Yearbook Communication Design 2016/2017.