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[Beverage Packaging]


Abunotsuru, Yamaguchi, Japan


Creative Studio OUWN, Tokyo, Japan

Art Direction

Atsushi Ishiguro

The Abunotsuru sake brewery founded in 1915 is situated in the midst of lush landscapes on the Japanese coast. After having been closed for roughly 30 years, it reopened and launched the new sake brand Miyoshi on the market. The key visual of the label represents the three ingredients for sake: rice malt, rice and water. In order to express the harmony between these three ingredients, the Japanese character, or kanji, for the number three is depicted, which is actually composed of three numeral ones written horizontally. Each individual number symbolises a step in the sake production process, while the drop visualises purity.

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This project can be found in the
International Yearbook Communication Design 2017/2018.