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Qualcomm, San Diego


1stAveMachine, New York
Interbrand, New York

The animations for the International Consumer Electronics Show 2013 keynote presentation by the mobile chip giant Qualcomm were created to support and document the engineering expertise behind the inventions of the company. Inspired by technical drawings, a system of diagrams with a symbolic character was developed. These diagrams move and interact with each other on the digital screen in such a way that beholders are given the impression they are being taken on a visual journey inside the minds of the engineers.

Red Dot on Tour Taipei

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    „Red Dot Award: Communication Design – Winners‘ Selection“

    Red Dot Design Museum Taipei presents outstanding selection of the most innovative communication designs

    Visitors of the newest Red Dot exhibition venue in Taiwan are able to meet awarded objects from various life and product worlds. After “Every Product tells a Story” and “Style your life”, the exhibition “Red Dot Award: Communication Design – Winners’ Selection” starts on 15 May 2014. It shows a selection of award-winning works from Taiwan, distinguished in 2013. Furthermore, nearly all international works awarded with a Red Dot: Best of the Best and a Red Dot: Grand Prix in last year’s competition are featured in this unique exhibition. More

  • Exhibition – Design on Stage

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    Design on Stage

    Winners Red Dot Award: Communication Design 2014

    Special exhibition
    06 February 2015
    to 03. Mai 2015

    Red Dot Design Museum Essen
    Zollverein Areal A (Schacht XII)
    Kesselhaus (A7)
    Gelsenkirchener Straße 181

    45309 Essen/Germany


    Smart Apps, impressing poster campaigns or attention-attracting advertising films: all communication works, which are on show in the Red Dot Design Museum Essen, Germany from 6 February – 3 May 2015, have one thing in common: their award-winning design. The special exhibition “Design on Stage – Winners Red Dot Award: Communication Design 2014” presents the latest Red Dot awarded creative achievements from around the globe. Among the more than 600 innovative works, which will turn the former boiler house of Zollverein coal mine into a hot spot, are annual reports, packaging designs and typographies as well as games, interfaces and sound designs. The works grant insights in the latest and most exciting communication strategies and illustrate impressingly how to advertise in a creative way today.

    The presentation includes the awarded designs by Scholz & Friends. In 2014, the creative company, which is also known as the “Orchestra of Ideas”, received the honorary title “Red Dot: Agency of the Year” – for surprising campaigns which function in all media types, that dare to come up with surprising punch lines, and play with the stereotypes of well-known brands. “Long live the corner pub”: The orchestra of ideas created an advertising campaign for the beer brand Schultheiss from Berlin, which celebrates the endangered pub around the corner as a local cultural heritage – true to the motto “Our coffee to go is called beer to stay”. The Greenpeace campaign “World of Waves” is also on show. It brings the consequences of climate change home to the beholder with an impressing illustration and calls him or her upon to change thinking.

    Current communication projects are also demonstrated by using the example of packaging design: they prove that packaging is much more than protection or means of transportation. It can be designed playfully, present its content in a never seen way or tell stories. Visitors can get enthused by the “Smart Heads” which Kolle Rebbe designed for Hansgrohe: a packaging which gives the manufacturer’s shower heads a body, for example the one of Albert Einstein.

    Numerous works of up-and-coming designers mix up with the award-winning achievements of renowned creative agencies and companies. So does the “Next Generation Scientific Poster” by Konrad Rappaport which was awarded with the Red Dot: Junior Prize endowed with 10,000 Euros. “Its potential is as huge as the future of presenting scientific education”, adjudged the international expert jury the interactive scientific poster. It deals with the consequences, mechanisms and reasons of landslides in the ocean as a frequent catalyst of tsunamis and imparts complex scientific content in an extremely vivid way.

    Admission: 9 € (Reduced: 4 €)
    Children under 12: Free admission

  • (Deutsch) Preisverleihung Red Dot Award: Communication Design 2015

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  • Social Responsibility

    Game Design

  • Gamification, Ads for Games , Storytelling, Character Design , Artificial Intelligence , Graphics, Animation, Sound Design, Serious Games, Social Games, Game based on existing IP, Advergames, Browser Games

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  • Spatial Communication

  • Fair Stand, Public Installation, Exhibition Design, Corporate Event, Live Performance, Shop/Showroom, Interior & Concept Design, Temporary Store, Orientation System, Information Design, Facade Design, Other

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  • Sound Design

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  • Annual Reports

  • Hall of Fame – Red Dot: Client of the Year

    Hall of Fame – Red Dot: Agency of the Year

    Hall of Fame – Red Dot: Junior Prize

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