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Qualcomm, San Diego


1stAveMachine, New York
Interbrand, New York

The animations for the International Consumer Electronics Show 2013 keynote presentation by the mobile chip giant Qualcomm were created to support and document the engineering expertise behind the inventions of the company. Inspired by technical drawings, a system of diagrams with a symbolic character was developed. These diagrams move and interact with each other on the digital screen in such a way that beholders are given the impression they are being taken on a visual journey inside the minds of the engineers.
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    Who can participate in the Red Dot: Junior Award?

    The Red Dot: Junior Award is a separate competition that is nevertheless organised in the framework of the Red Dot Award: Communication Design. It is open to students from universities, other institutions of higher learning and vocational schools, as well as to young designers who have graduated within the last three years. Applicants must show proof of enrolment in an institution of higher learning or vocational school or a copy of their diploma. Unlike the Red Dot Award: Communication Design, the date of origin of the submitted work is irrelevant for this competition.

    Is there just one winner out of the Red Dot: Junior Award?

    Everyone participating in the Red Dot: Junior Award has the same chance as every other participant for his work to be awarded with the Red Dot or the Red Dot: Best of the Best. The participant with the most convincing project of the competition’s year furthermore receives the “Red Dot: Junior Prize”, 10,000 EUR to launch their career as well as special mention in Red Dot exhibitions and press releases.

    How can I enter my work in the Red Dot: Junior Award?

    Our „How to Enter“ video explains the whole registration process for the Red Dot Award: Communication Design step by step.

    Here you can find an overview of all our categories and our Guides to Success in nine different languages. In our Guides to Success the whole registration process for each category is explained in detail in order to be able to register your work successfully.

    How is my work going to be judged?

    The junior works will be judged within the framework of the Red Dot Award: Communication Design like all other projects. However, the judges will be informed when it comes to junior works. After all decisions have been made and all awards have been given, the winner of Red Dot: Junior Prize will be chosen out of all Red Dot: Best of the Best winners. Each juror must give his or her vote.

    How can I ask my university for support?

    Unfortunately, it‘s not always that easy for students to get support from universities. In case your university wants to support your submission, we are happy to answer any questions or provide more information

    In case you have any further questions, contact us via email (cd@red-dot.de) or by phone: +49 201 30104 49

  • Participation fees

    20% Junior Award-discount included:

    Early Bird

    (23 March – 15. April 2015)

    156.00 EUR*, net | 185.64 EUR, incl. VAT


    (16 April – 21. May 2015)

    196.00 EUR*, net | 232.24 EUR, incl. VAT


    (22 May – 19. June 2015)

    252.00 EUR*, net | 299.88 EUR, incl. VAT

    *All prices are subject to statutory VAT in Germany.

    This fee includes the insurance for the work during shipping, insofar as the insurable value of the work was indicated on the application.

    The following services are included in the participation fees:

    1. Acceptance and storage
    2. preparation of a jury dossier
    3. preparation of the information on the project
    4. presentation of the project during the jury session and, in the case of an award, storage until the special exhibition.

    Optional costs

    95,00 EUR*, net | 113,05 EUR, incl. VAT

    *All prices are subject to statutory VAT in Germany.

    This fee includes the insurance for the work during shipping, insofar as the insurable value of the work was indicated on the application.

    Kosten bei einer Auszeichnung

    40% Junior Award-discount included:

    Red Dot Standard

    915.00 EUR*, net | 1,088.85 EUR, incl. VAT

    Red Dot Extended

    1,197.00 EUR*, net | 1,424.43 EUR, incl. VAT

    Red Dot: Best of the Best

    1,293.00 EUR*, net | 1,538.67 EUR, incl. VAT

    *All prices are subject to statutory VAT in Germany.

    Winner Package service:

    1. winners’ certificates
    2. Red Dot winner label
    3. 1 Red Dot Trophy (for Red Dot: Best of the Best winners)
    4. Presentation in the winners’ exhibition in Berlin
    5. Exhibition in the context of Red Dot on Tour
    6. Publication in the International Yearbook Communication Design 2015/2016
    7. Complimentary copy of the yearbook
    8. Online presentation on www.red-dot.org/cd/winners
    9. Video clip of the awarded project (for Red Dot: Best of the Best winners)
    10. Presentation in the Red Dot App
    11. User account for the design portal Red Dot 21
    12. Press service
  • Red Dot: Junior Prize

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    Der Red Dot: Junior Prize wird an die weltweit beste Arbeit eines Auszubildenden, Studenten oder jungen Designers im laufenden Wettbewerb vergeben. Ziel ist es, den Einstieg in die Berufswelt zu erleichtern und potentielle Auftraggeber so früh wie möglich von den eigenen Fähigkeiten zu überzeugen.

    Das Software-Unternehmen Adobe ist Sponsor des „Red Dot: Junior Prize 2015“. Der weltweit führende Hersteller für digitale Marketing-Lösungen wird das Preisgeld, in Höhe von 10.000 Euro, für die Auszeichnung stellen. Red Dot und Adobe verbindet die Auffassung, dass eine frühestmögliche Schulung kreativer Herangehensweisen an die Herausforderungen der heutigen Arbeitswelt entscheidend für wirtschaftlichen sowie beruflichen Erfolg ist. Die Sponsoring-Partnerschaft will dieses Engagement stärken, so dass aus neuen Ideen die Lösungen der Zukunft werden.

    „Wir fördern in allen Red Dot-Wettbewerben die echten Profis unter den jungen Talenten. So geht der Red Dot: Junior Prize ausschließlich an jene Nachwuchsgestalter, die mit einem Red Dot: Best of the Best bereits ihr herausragendes Können demonstriert haben. An der Schwelle zwischen akademischer Ausbildung und erstem Full-Time-Job wird Fördergeld am dringendsten benötigt und am sinnvollsten eingesetzt. Über das Engagement von Adobe – gleichfalls seit Jahrzehnten international mit gutem Design assoziiert – freue ich mich sehr. Der Red Dot Design Award hat hier einen idealen, weil in der Branche hoch angesehenen und zugleich vom Wettbewerb unabhängigen Sponsor und Partner erhalten.“ (Professor Dr. Peter Zec, Initiator und CEO von Red Dot)


  • Why to take part?

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    The decision to take part in the competition is far more difficult for young designers than for „professionals“. Sometimes, the award costs or uncertainty about the presentation of their works discourage young talents to take part in the competition. Therefore, the Red Dot: Junior Award offers a discount on all junior submissions and winner packages. Mustafa Karakaş, former winner of the Red Dot: Junior Prize, knows why it‘s totally worth it to participate:

    „Until now, reactions have only been positive. At the Red Dot Gala many designers congratulated me. Also many designers from other countries like Singapore or the UK were impressed by my work. Even today, I get many phone calls and messages from galleries, companies and associations who want to congratulate me and offer me collaborations.“

    „Young professionals and up-and-coming talents should definitely hand in their works in competitions. So you have the chance to check if you can convince others with your works and if you can keep up with renowned designers and agencies, already at an early stage. It is a perfect door opener and makes the career start a lot easier. It pushes your self-esteem. Students should not have any scruples to participate and hand in their projects. And in your portfolio it is that “extra something “

    Read the whole interviewhere

    Red Dot on Tour Taipei

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    „Red Dot Award: Communication Design – Winners‘ Selection“

    Red Dot Design Museum Taipei presents outstanding selection of the most innovative communication designs

    Visitors of the newest Red Dot exhibition venue in Taiwan are able to meet awarded objects from various life and product worlds. After “Every Product tells a Story” and “Style your life”, the exhibition “Red Dot Award: Communication Design – Winners’ Selection” starts on 15 May 2014. It shows a selection of award-winning works from Taiwan, distinguished in 2013. Furthermore, nearly all international works awarded with a Red Dot: Best of the Best and a Red Dot: Grand Prix in last year’s competition are featured in this unique exhibition. More

  • Exhibition – Design on Stage

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    Design on Stage

    Winners Red Dot Award: Communication Design 2014

    Special exhibition
    06 February 2015
    to 03. Mai 2015

    Red Dot Design Museum Essen
    Zollverein Areal A (Schacht XII)
    Kesselhaus (A7)
    Gelsenkirchener Straße 181

    45309 Essen/Germany


    Smart Apps, impressing poster campaigns or attention-attracting advertising films: all communication works, which are on show in the Red Dot Design Museum Essen, Germany from 6 February – 3 May 2015, have one thing in common: their award-winning design. The special exhibition “Design on Stage – Winners Red Dot Award: Communication Design 2014” presents the latest Red Dot awarded creative achievements from around the globe. Among the more than 600 innovative works, which will turn the former boiler house of Zollverein coal mine into a hot spot, are annual reports, packaging designs and typographies as well as games, interfaces and sound designs. The works grant insights in the latest and most exciting communication strategies and illustrate impressingly how to advertise in a creative way today.

    The presentation includes the awarded designs by Scholz & Friends. In 2014, the creative company, which is also known as the “Orchestra of Ideas”, received the honorary title “Red Dot: Agency of the Year” – for surprising campaigns which function in all media types, that dare to come up with surprising punch lines, and play with the stereotypes of well-known brands. “Long live the corner pub”: The orchestra of ideas created an advertising campaign for the beer brand Schultheiss from Berlin, which celebrates the endangered pub around the corner as a local cultural heritage – true to the motto “Our coffee to go is called beer to stay”. The Greenpeace campaign “World of Waves” is also on show. It brings the consequences of climate change home to the beholder with an impressing illustration and calls him or her upon to change thinking.

    Current communication projects are also demonstrated by using the example of packaging design: they prove that packaging is much more than protection or means of transportation. It can be designed playfully, present its content in a never seen way or tell stories. Visitors can get enthused by the “Smart Heads” which Kolle Rebbe designed for Hansgrohe: a packaging which gives the manufacturer’s shower heads a body, for example the one of Albert Einstein.

    Numerous works of up-and-coming designers mix up with the award-winning achievements of renowned creative agencies and companies. So does the “Next Generation Scientific Poster” by Konrad Rappaport which was awarded with the Red Dot: Junior Prize endowed with 10,000 Euros. “Its potential is as huge as the future of presenting scientific education”, adjudged the international expert jury the interactive scientific poster. It deals with the consequences, mechanisms and reasons of landslides in the ocean as a frequent catalyst of tsunamis and imparts complex scientific content in an extremely vivid way.

    Admission: 9 € (Reduced: 4 €)
    Children under 12: Free admission

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