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The 2 Euro T-Shirt – A Social Experiment

[User Experience Design]


Fashion Revolution, Berlin


BBDO Berlin

Art Direction/_Script

Jessica Witt, Michail Paderin

Chief Creative Officer

Wolfgang Schneider

Executive Creative Direction

Jan Harbeck, Michael Schachtner


UNIT9, Berlin

Would people still buy a 2-euro T-shirt if they knew how it was made? To answer this question a T-shirt vending machine was built – but instead of simply dispensing a T-shirt, customers were prompted with a video showing under which miserable working conditions the T-shirt was produced. After watching the video customers could choose whether they actually want to buy the T-shirt or donate the money instead. People overwhelmingly made conscientious decisions, while the experiment itself sparked serious online discussion and major media coverage.

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This project can be found in the
International Yearbook Communication Design 2016/2017.