The small print…


01) My work has not been published yet.
Is that a problem?

In order to take part in the “red dot award: communication design 2013”, your work must have been created and published in the period between 1 January 2010 and 1 June 2013. If your work will not be published until after that time, we would ask you to submit your work next year instead.

02) When do I have to send in my work?
Where do I send it?
And how do I get it back?

You can have your exhibits delivered between 06 and 28 May 2013. Important: Please always only send one piece of work per postal delivery and attach one of the PI code labels to each delivery, which you will receive by e-mail from the red dot team after completing registration.

The address is as follows:
Design Zentrum NRW e. V.
judging hall
“rda: cd 2013”
Witzlebenstrasse 14
45472 Mülheim an der Ruhr

Please note that the office that accepts delivery is only staffed from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Unfortunately we cannot accept your exhibits at any other time.

It is important that you state during registration if you want your work to be sent back to you in return for payment of an additional fee. Unfortunately it is not possible to book the return after the registration process has been completed. If you do book for your work to be sent back to you, please do not forget to state the amount of insurance required. Without this information, no insurance protection will be provided. The additional return fee per registration is EUR 95.00. Entries to the “red dot: junior award” will be subject to a fee of EUR 75.00 per entry for the return of the work.

03) Can I submit a piece of work in several categories? And can my work comprise several parts?

Yes, it is possible to submit a piece of work in several categories, but in no more than four. However, this does not apply to the sub-categories. The rule is one submission item per category! Otherwise subsequent costs might arise. It is important that a separate piece of work is submitted for each of these categories. A piece of work can comprise up to eight individual parts. An additional handling fee of EUR 50.00 is charged once if there are four to eight individual parts.

04) The work piece is a joint project.
Can I hand in the work piece anyway?

There is no problem with joint entries as long as the main persons involved are named during registration (with a maximum of six credits).To avoid any problems and misunderstandings please make sure that anyone who is involved in the joint project agrees with handing in the work piece to the competition.

05) How long can I change the non-mandatory registration information provided?

Once you have completed all mandatory fields in the registration form, you can complete your registration. You can then upload description texts and photos until 24 May 2013. We need these for the judging process, and they also help us to understand your creative process better. Please keep in mind that our jury is international, therefore we ask you to send us the texts in English. Important: If you win an award, the red dot communications department will work with the information, texts and photos provided by you even before the corrections are made for the yearbook. For this reason, please ensure that the content you provide during registration is already of high quality so that it can be used for PR purposes in case that you win an award.

06) I would like to enter a magazine. The 2012 edition has already been awarded a red dot. Is it still acceptable to submit an edition from 2013?

Yes it is, provided that the subsequent design is distinct from the work that has already won an award.


The registration…


07) How do I know which competition is the right one for my design work?

The competition breaks down into three different disciplines: product design, communication design and design concept. The product design competition is devoted exclusively to the innovative and practicable design of objects and architecture, while the design concept competition accepts entries of concepts for ideas that have not yet been realised. The communication design competition covers communication-based works from the print & online area as well as games, films and packaging design. You can find the other categories here: Categories

08) What does my work have to have in order to succeed in the “red dot award: communication design”?

The “red dot award: communication design” documents the most important trends in the digital and print world of communication. With the red dot design award, you can let your creativity run free!  To meet the high quality standards of the competition, the works should be well thought out, and the idea must be clearly recognisable and presented in perfect condition. It is important that the entries are your own creations and stem from your own ideas. Anyone who breaches copyright will unfortunately have to be excluded from the competition. Here you will find closer details about the competition’s evaluation criteria: Evaluation criteria

09) What do I need for final completion of my registration?

To complete your registration, you must fill in all mandatory fields marked with an *. The registration fees will depend on the date on which you complete your registration. For example, the early bird price is the lowest. Until 24 May 2013 you have to enter your images and description texts.

The financials…


10) What will registration cost for the
“red dot award: communication design”?

Simply use our Overview of Costs. You can enter different parameters here to find out the costs for registering your creative achievement. Anyone who wins over the red dot jury to be granted an award can view the costs for the obligatory Winner Package here: Winner Package

 11) What payment terms are available?

After the cost breakdown is displayed in the registration form, you can complete your entry. If you have a German bank account, you can pay by direct debit or by credit card. If you do not have a German bank account, you can pay with credit card. In some cases, payment on receipt of an invoice is possible on request. Please contact Ms. Anna Kraatz (kraatz@red-dot.de) in such cases.

12) I am a student. Is there a discount and if so how do I avail of it?

We support the future of creativity, and so we grant students and graduates who have graduated within the last two years a discount of 20% on the registration costs while at the same time offering a reduced fee of EUR 75.00 for sending back the items. A young talent who win an award also gets a discount of 40% on the regular costs for the Winner Package. What else is included in the Winner Package than the international yearbook communication design can you find out here. The one who is particularly successful will not only receive a discount on the registration fee, but will also be awarded prize money for the substantial amount of EUR 10,000 if he or she will be the one who win the “red dot award: junior prize”.


The judging…


13) What does the judging process involve?

After your creative piece of work is delivered to us or you have uploaded it in your “my red dot” portal, we will prepare your entry for the judging process. This means that we check all deliveries for possible damage and position them in the judging hall based on their category and their nature. During the judging phase, the renowned experts take time to assess, try out and rate all of the works. In order to guarantee maximum transparency, each result is documented by the red dot team. You then receive your results by e-mail around the end of June.

14) How do you win a “red dot: grand prix”?

Professionals and established designers who have already won a “red dot: best of the best” are also in with a chance of winning the “red dot: grand prix”. In order to uphold tradition and maintain the excitement up until the very last moment, the winner of this highest individual distinction is announced live on stage at the red dot gala dated 18 October 2013.

15) How long does it take until I know whether or not my work has won a “red dot”?
And how will I find out?

The red dot team takes its time to present your works to the jury in their best light. It takes a few days to set up the entries and for the subsequent judging process by the international team of experts. For this reason, we can only give you a time period but not a specific date on which you will be informed of the results. In the past it has taken approximately six weeks from the closing date for entries until the announcement of the results. We cannot provide any information on the result of the judging process before this time. Once the results have been determined we will inform you by email.

 16) My entry won a “red dot”. What now?

Congratulations! In your letter of notification you will find the next steps which are necessary to book your Winner Package. Do you want to know what the Winner Package all includes? Please take a look here.


And what happens next…?


17) What can I expect in Berlin? And how do I get tickets to the award ceremony?

Since 2011, the “red dot award: communication design” celebrates the winners in the stylish atmosphere of the Konzerthaus in the centre of Berlin. After the first part of the evening, which features classical music and much applause for the prize winners, the “Designers’ Night” takes place. Then it is time to party till the early hours, and all of the award-winning works can be inspected closely during the Winners’ Exhibition “Design on stage”. Top-class food and beverages will of course be provided. Make a note of 18 October 2013 today!

18) What are the “red dot: guided tours and talks” and when do they take place?

The “red dot: guided tours and talks” take place as part of the Winners’ Exhibition “Design on stage” As in the past year, communication design experts – including members of the jury for the “red dot award: communication design” – lead visitors through the exhibition and try to uncover the secret of excellent communication design in a dialogue with the participants. The topics of the guided tour vary each year depending on the experts involved.


Last but not least…


19) My question has not been answered here. What do I do now?

If you cannot find the answer to your question in the FAQs or on our homepage, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us:

Questions regarding the competition and red dot:

Ms. Louisa Milk
Telephone: +49 (0)201 30104-23
e-mail: milk@red-dot.de

Ms. Katharina Kryszon
Telephone: +49 (0)201 30104-27
e-mail: kryszon@red-dot.de

Questions regarding the competition, red dot and the Winner´s Exhibition “Design on Stage”:

Ms. Annika Nölling
Telephone: +49 (0)201 30104-38
e-mail: noelling@red-dot.de

Question regarding payment:

Ms. Anna Kraatz
Telephone: +49 (0)201 30104-13
e-mail: kraatz@red-dot.de