Registering the product

How can I register?
How many products can I register?

You can register as many products as you want. All designers and manufacturers, whose products are available on the market, are invited to participate. Products must have been launched on the market after 1 January 2015 and by 1 July 2017 and must be available for purchase.

Is it possible to register product series?
In exceptional cases, product series (for example crockery, cutlery, etc.) can be grouped into one product registration. For further information feel free to contact us at pd(at)

Can I use prototypes to take part?
Prototypes are permitted provided that the product will be brought to market by 1 July 2017. If the market launch will not take place until a later date, we recommend that you register your prototypes for the Red Dot Award: Design Concept.

How does the registration process work?
At the password protected “My Red Dot” portal, you can register for the current competition and complete your registration documents. Here you can also find an overview of your registrations as well as all documents needed. You can cancel your registration at any time and continue it at a later stage.

What information is needed for registration?
You just need basic information on your product (manufacturer, designer, a product description). The upload of texts and images is mandatory for the product’s presentation and, in case of being awarded, for the entry in the yearbook.

Submitting the product

The judging takes place in purpose-leased halls. Please note the delivery address and the delivery times. In order for your entry to be recorded for logistic purposes, it is essential that you label your product using the labels sent to you.

Transport insurance
The products/exhibits are transported at the risk and cost of the participant. We recommend that participants take out transport insurance for entries.

Delivery of XXL items
In the case of very large products (XXLarge), please mail details of the planned presentation of your entry to logistics(at) so that we can plan the space you need accordingly.
You may register any number of products.


Calculation of total costs

The registration fee depends on when you register and on the size of the entry. You can find a list of the registration fees here.
If your product wins a prize, you have the privilege of being able to use the Red Dot label, having your prizewinning product represented in the yearbook and put on show in the Red Dot Design Museum Essen as well as in the online presentation.

Value added tax
Services from the competition are taxable and liable to tax in Germany, even if the recipient is domiciled in another EU member state or elsewhere abroad. There is no tax exemption provision for this payment. If the recipient of the service is a foreign entrepreneur, he/she can obtain a refund of the VAT paid. You can obtain more detailed information from your local tax office or here.

Winning a prize

Please note that in case of winning an award, the information entered will be used bindingy for the production of the yearbook.

How soon can I use the logo?
The logo can be used immediately after receiving notification of the prize, provided that you have completed the booking for the “Winner Package”. The logo can be used for the duration of the life cycle of the prizewinning product.

Communicating the prize
We would like to ensure that the results are communicated at around the same time. For this reason, we would ask you not to announce your prize before the date specified by us. We will provide you with a press release to support your PR efforts.

We will store your prizewinning product until the exhibition takes place and will transport it to the museum. This does not apply to products that participants set up themselves for judging or to products awarded an Honourable Mention. These products set up by participants themselves will be requested again prior to the special exhibition in agreement with the organiser. Products that have been awarded an Honourable Mention have to be collected within the given time as well.