The jury

Red Dot Award: Product Design 2015

The jury is the heart of the Red Dot Award: Product Design, because the renowned specialists from all over the world guarantee with their expertise the high quality level of the competition as well as the expressiveness of the Red Dot seal. The composition changes from year to year, whereby the jury members always pledge to a “Code of Honour” and are excluded from taking part in the competition. In addition, to avoid conflicts of interest, the jurors may generally not be employees of the manufacturing industry. Furthermore, the Red Dot jury comprises design experts of international repute, whose background allows them to consciously assess the special intercultural aspects of design.


Wen-long Chen, Taiwan
Wen-long Chen
Lam Leslie Lu, Hong Kong
Lam Leslie Lu
Dr. Sascha Peters, Germany
Dr. Sascha Peters
Oliver Stotz, Germany
Oliver Stotz
Datuk’ Prof. Jimmy Choo, Malaysia / Great Britain
Datuk’ Prof. Jimmy Choo
David Andersen, Denmark
David Andersen
Prof. Werner Aisslinger, Germany
Prof. Werner Aisslinger
Hans Ehrich, Sweden
Hans Ehrich
Prof. Dr. Yuri Nazarov, Russia
Prof. Dr. Yuri Nazarov
Guto Indio da Costa, Brazil
Guto Indio da Costa
Rüdiger Bucher, Germany
Rüdiger Bucher
Prof. Herman Hermsen, Netherlands
Prof. Herman Hermsen
Prof. Martin Beeh , Germany
Prof. Martin Beeh
Wolfgang K. Meyer-Hayoz, Switzerland
Wolfgang K. Meyer-Hayoz
Tapani Hyvönen, Finland
Tapani Hyvönen
Robin Edman, Sweden
Robin Edman
Prof. Ron Nabarro, Israel
Prof. Ron Nabarro
Prof. Cheng-Neng Kuan, Taiwan
Prof. Cheng-Neng Kuan
Günter Wermekes, Germany
Günter Wermekes
Dr. Luisa Bocchietto, Italy
Dr. Luisa Bocchietto
Ken Okuyama, Japan
Ken Okuyama
Prof. Carlos Hinrichsen, Chile
Prof. Carlos Hinrichsen
Joachim H. Faust, Germany
Joachim H. Faust
Hideshi Hamaguchi, Japan
Hideshi Hamaguchi
Prof. Dr. Ken Nah, Korea
Prof. Dr. Ken Nah
Martin Darbyshire, Great Britain
Martin Darbyshire
Manuel Alvarez Fuentes, Mexico
Manuel Alvarez Fuentes
Aleksandar Tatic, Italy
Aleksandar Tatic
Vincent Créance, France
Vincent Créance
Prof. Jure Miklavc, Slovenia
Prof. Jure Miklavc
Prof. Renke He, China
Prof. Renke He
Gordon Bruce, USA
Gordon Bruce
Vivian Wai-kwan Cheng, Hong Kong
Vivian Wai-kwan Cheng
Prof. Danny Venlet, Belgium
Prof. Danny Venlet
Simon Ong, Singapore
Simon Ong
Nils Toft, Denmark
Nils Toft