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AURA Breathalyzer

Alcohol Breath Tester

Red Dot: Best of the Best

Testing with style

Throughout the world, regulations related to drinking and driving differ. It is a fact that even a small amount of alcohol can significantly affect a person’s ability to drive safely. The Aura Breathalyzer alcohol breath tester is a new, stylish way for drivers to find out their current blood alcohol concentration (BAC) quickly. With this information readily available, drivers are less likely to endanger themselves and others. Inspired by glamorous fashion, the design of this alcohol breath tester turns it into an extremely stylish fashion accessory. It is round, consists of high-quality materials and will even fit into a small evening bag due to its discreet size. The device can be displayed in any of six preset OLED colour options. Thanks to an electrochemical fuel cell sensor, the device analyses the oxidation of ethanol in breath samples provided by its users, which it uses to estimate the alcohol content present within the bloodstream. The sensor technology is reliable as it is also used by law enforcement. Using a fashion-inspired design concept, the Aura Breathalyzer is an alcohol breath tester of innovative quality and aesthetics. It looks like a simple and sleek accessory, yet possesses the ability to remove negative stigma previously associated with such devices and alcohol consumption.

Statement by the jury

»The Aura Breathalyzer alcohol breath tester gives self-testing, as it relates to assessing a user’s BAC, a new image. Its rounded, purist shape and the use of high-quality materials turn this device into an elegant accessory one would be proud to carry and display. The Aura Breathalyzer is nonetheless functional and self-explanatory. The user will receive unmistakable feedback in mere seconds.«

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This product can be found in the Red Dot Design Yearbook 2014/2015.