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Nasal Aspirator


Attract Ltd., Pécs, Hungary

In-house design

Walter Streitmann, Zsolt Mátrabérci, Pécs, Hungary


Co&Co Designcommunication Ltd. (Attila Cosovan, Tamás Cosovan, Gergely Hosszú, Richárd Nagy, Éva Sümegi), Budapest, Hungary

Red Dot
The Nosiboo nasal aspirator ensures that the nasal passages of newborns and toddlers remain clear. Using vacuum and airflow at the same time, it removes nasal mucus not only from the outer nasal cavity but also from the maxillary sinuses. Despite the strong suction power, the patented Colibri nozzle safely prevents the aspirated nasal mucus from returning to the tube. This makes the device easy to clean.

Statement by the jury

»Inspired by a teddy bear face, the playful appearance of this nasal aspirator creatively piques the interest and enjoyment of young children.«

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This product can be found in the Red Dot Design Yearbook 2014/2015.