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SGG Master-Soft

Patterned Glass

In-house design

Saint-Gobain Glass, Górniczej, Poland

Red Dot: Best of the Best

Material poetry

Newly developed materials have always stimulated the imagination of architects and designers. They offer exciting new possibilities that often also lead to new approaches in thinking and creating. SGG Master-Soft is such a material, as its distinctive properties expand the way glass can be used. This patterned glass possesses an extraordinarily high quality. The surface itself virtually touches and challenges the perception of the viewer as it features an impressive, 1 mm deep textured engraving. The texture is obtained by an unusual casting process followed by rolling the glass between two cylinders that emboss a motif into the glass. The result is a glass surface that creates the impression as if it was delicately making waves. When looking from a distance, the entire glass surface seems to be moving like a textile curtain. Due to the soft visual feel of the pattern, this glass is particularly suitable in bigger applications such as shower screens or partitions. The glass possesses the ability to both provide a high degree of intimacy and let through enough light while at the same time sufficiently brightening a given space. Therefore, the SGG Master-Soft patterned glass lends itself for use both on the inside and outside of buildings. The glass fascinates with a deeply enticing poetic appeal that redefines a familiar material in a pioneering new approach.

Statement by the jury

»An impressive design achievement has emerged here as a patterned glass of excellent quality. The way viewers can discern ever changing wave forms and movements in the glass surface is fascinating. The distinctive structure exudes a poetic appeal that enriches the environment and the lives of people around it. This patterned glass can be installed in both indoor and outdoor environments – as it challenges and inspires the creativity of architects and planners alike.«

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This product can be found in the Red Dot Design Yearbook 2015/2016.