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SwissCard Lite


Victorinox AG, Switzerland

Red Dot: Best of the Best
A tool of class. In their book "The Picture History of Inventions" Umberto Eco and G. B. Zorzoli point out that "all tools that we use today, go back to objects that have been produced at the beginning of prehistory." They define the term of functionality of these tools as of, belonging, or proper to man ­ an aesthetics developed in the course of history. The SwissCard Lite offers such tools in a casing with the size of a credit card and gives the classical "Swiss Army Knife" the status of a high-quality accessory. The SwissCard Lite integrates a total of 13 functions, among them a precise magnifying glass and an interesting square-shaped screwdriver with four functions ­ the Quattro screwdriver. The most important tools and accessories are always at hand, since with its credit card format the SwissCard Lite fits into any diary, wallet, briefcase, or handbag. The credit card format is 3.5 mm high and weighs 20 grams; it is 8.1 cm long and 5.3 cm wide. Furthermore, the aesthetic design in the credit card format is appealing to both male and female target groups. The SwissCard Lite's high-quality craftsmanship and functionality is further emphasised by the red light emitting diode at the back of the device. With its built-in 3-V lithium battery, it is designed for very low energy consumption ­ after approximately two years of use, the battery can easily be replaced. With its large surface suitable for prints in various colours, the SwissCard Lite is also an effective and long-lasting medium for advertising. It is a multifunctional tool, designed as a tool of class.

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