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Dallmer CeraNiveau floor drainage series


Dallmer GmbH + Co. KG, Arnsberg, Germany

In-house design

Johannes Dallmer, Arnsberg, Germany

Red Dot
When the dynamics of water meet with the formal sharpness of the drainage series CeraNiveau, contrasts are created, which are full of suspense and make further accessories superfluous. Finely designed, strict geometric structures speak for themselves and open up entirely new possibilities for an imaginative design of level access showers with attractive drainage points. With its high-quality surfaces stainless steel satin finish, polished, satin black, bronze aeruginous finish and an uncompromising reduction to the basic rectangular form, CeraNiveau acquires the character of a trend-setter which enhances the visual effect of every bathroom. Ideal for draining a large amount of water.

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