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Gube Instant Furniture Modular Regulatory and Presentation System


Gube GmbH & Co. KG, Germany

In-house design

Philipp Baldermann, René Götzenbrugger, Germany

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The design of this furniture system is based on the structural principle of a cube that can be installed and arranged in three dimensions. The cube itself consists of a flexible cover and four side surfaces. The four shelf elements are placed in the outer cover and braced with each other without the aid of tools. Mounting additional cubes is simply done by sticking them together. The flexible cover is made of translucent synthetics and the interior parts are made of MDF nature, MDF white-coated with natural edges or MDF black-imbued. A single cube can carry a load of up to 300 kg so that the system can be assembled in numerous functional variants. Additional modules of the manufacturer, for example doors, can be added at once or when later required, without the aid of tools.