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Aramides Washing Machine


MG Design (Seyman Cay, Melih Gürleyik), Germany

Red Dot
The striking colours give this washing machine a high-quality appearance; it can harmoniously be integrated in homely surroundings. A matt stainless steel frame around the dark viewing window aesthetically enhances the black front panel. By means of its characteristic control panel the Aramides washing machine permits user-friendly operation. Behind the continuous control panel there is an illuminated LCD operator panel informing about the particular programme status and other additional functions. The generous opening with a diameter of 33 cm allows comfortable loading of the washing drum. Thanks to an optimised twin jet technology, not only water, detergent and energy consumption are considerably reduced but the washing performance is also improved. Therefore, with regard to energy consumption energy class A+++ is achieved, the washing efficiency being A. An innovative feature is also a high-speed wash cycle that only takes 12 minutes.

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