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Coral Reef LED Floor Light

LED Lighting


Qisda Corporation, Taiwan

In-house design

QisDesign / Qisda Creative Design Center, Taiwan

Red Dot: Best of the Best

Symbiotic interaction

Coral reefs form some of the most diverse ecosystems on earth. They offer protection and nutrition for millions of organisms. The subtle coral structures sometimes look like fans or pads and – due to sunlight – are bathed in a fascinating underwater scene of light and shade. The “Coral Reef LED Floor Light” LED lighting’s language of form was inspired by such coral reef light effects. Captivating beholders with its organic shape, it combines a filigree design with an innovative lighting concept. Consisting of three overlapping yet independently adjustable luminous elements, each of which is rotatable over a radius of 120 degrees, the lamp can be adapted easily to illuminate three different areas simultaneously according to individual user need and requirement. The lamp’s impressive sense of lightness and interactive functionality was facilitated through the use of several small, energy-saving LEDs. And since LEDs produce hardly any heat, touching the luminous elements is completely safe. With its symbiotic design appearance the “Coral Reef LED Floor Light” lighting emotionalises the user – it almost seems to invite users to caress it.

Statement by the jury

»The design of the “Coral Reef LED Floor Light” lighting merges an innovative use of LED technology with an organic language of form, a combination that fascinated the jury. This lamp offers a high degree of user-oriented inspiring functionality. The way this light is turned into an integrated part of a living space is outstanding; it adapts interactively to the mood of users.«