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MAM Perfect

Pacifier for Babies


MAM Babyartikel GmbH, Austria

In-house design

MAM Babyartikel GmbH, Austria


Ernst Beranek Design (Ernst Beranek, Harald Kubelka), Austria

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The MAM Perfect has been developed in close cooperation with orthodontists and paediatric dentists. These experts agree that the thinner and softer the teat neck of a pacifier, the less pressure is exerted on the baby’s jaw and teeth. This in turn reduces the risk of malocclusions. Taking this scientific research into account, the newly developed Dento-Flex teat neck is about 60 per cent thinner and nearly three times softer (on average 53 to 78 per cent thinner / 1.50 to 5.33 times softer than regular silicone soothers) than comparable soothers. Moreover, the shape of the “shield” was adapted to create an ideal fit for a baby’s face. Generous air holes guarantee maximum comfort and provide optimal ventilation to the skin.