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Mini Pump

In-house design

SKS metaplast Scheffer-Klute GmbH, Germany


npk design bv (Janwillem Bouwknegt), Netherlands

Red Dot
A striking feature of the Diago mini-pump is its streamlined design complemented by a carefully wrought handle lock, which ensures that the pump securely rests in the frame mount. Featuring high-quality materials that give the mini-pump a robust appearance – and with an achievable maximum pressure of 10 bar/144 psi – this innovation becomes a deft and reliable companion for road-bike enthusiasts. Users also profit from the pump’s low weight and compact size; it weighs in at only 109 grammes and has a length of just 240 mm. Available in either black or white, the pump’s styling is unobtrusive, thus securing independence from fashion trends.