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Synergy Parallel

Optical Frame


Action Eyewear Corp. (Antony Zhang)

Red Dot: Best of the Best

Elegant lines

Glasses are an important part of the personality of international stars such as Elton John or Anastacia and a major feature of their image. In an ideal world, glasses fit wearers in every respect and have exactly the characteristics they want. The clear form semantics of the Synergy Parallel frame communicates a very exclusive image. It attracts attention as it makes the glasses appear to be moulded from just one piece. These semantics are closely linked to the choice of materials which themselves become part of the design in an innovative way. Synergy Parallel is made of very thin, high-tech, elastic surgical steel and NXT, a material used in military applications. The thin wire creates a sweeping, coherent double frame. Two lines run towards each other and meet unobtrusively at the wearer’s ear; thus creating a clear and flowing form, uninterrupted by hinges or screws. In Synergy Parallel they are replaced by ingenious logical grips which become a homogenous part of the form and make the frame very stable, extremely light and comfortable to wear.

Statement by the jury

»Synergy Parallel from Action Optic Resources is an unusual example of how frames for glasses can be made entirely without screws. From one end to the other, the frame consists of a single high-quality wire which renders it extremely light. In fact, it is so light that wearers have the impression they are not even wearing glasses. As its lines are not disturbed by joints or screws, these particularly comfortable frames are an ingenious creation.«