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Element Collar



Elsa Smith Design, Canada

In-house design

Elsa Smith Design (Elsa Smith),, Canada

Red Dot: Best of the Best

Sensuous curves

A choker is a particular kind of jewellery: a close-fitting necklace that is worn high on the neck and which underlines the wearer’s personal style. The origin of the French word for this type of necklace, “collet”, which means “collar” or “band”, too is a reference to its main characteristic. The Element Collar choker is made of small diamonds and carbon fibre. Rather unusual for this type of jewellery, the choker’s simple yet elegantly curved material warmly embraces the neck of its wearer. The merging of industrial manufacturing methods with the visual effect of diamonds too is highly innovative. Cast into platinum silicone molds, the Element Collar is made with a composite layup system comparable to the manufacture of marine vessels. The result is a voluminous exterior curvature that sets the foundation to support a detailed textural inner layer. The concave inner plane is ergonomically shaped, adapts comfortably to the wearer’s neck and features an inner surface of soft and smooth appeal. The Element Collar’s outer surface merged the effects of the inner and outer plane of this piece of jewellery. Diamonds embedded in resin create the visual impression of being set deeply within the choker and glittering right through to the surface. Depending on the light, these diamonds might almost be moving and constantly shifting position – the Element Collar thus turns a piece of jewellery into a statement that inspires the senses.

Statement by the jury

»The Element Collar differs from traditional chokers and necklaces because it makes use of a predominantly industrial material such as carbon, turning it into a piece of jewellery that is as lightweight as it is elegant. The interplay between dark and light elements over the curved surface attracts attention and underlines the aesthetic value of the carbon. Due to the ergonomic shape of the concave planes, the Element Collar is comfortable to wear.«