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Stackable Chair


harechair, Netherlands

In-house design

harechair, Netherlands


Ton Haas industrial design (Ton Haas), Netherlands

Red Dot: Best of the Best

Elegant plasticity

Inspired by the textile of the same name – which due to a particular weaving technique creates a surface pattern that changes with the light –, the Moiré chair challenges beholders and their patterns of perception. The main idea for this chair was to reinterpret the familiar moiré effect into a novel design based only on the pure form of the visible structure. The result is a chair of highly unusual appearance with a seat surface that makes use of the optical illusion. The form and geometry of the Moiré chair were attained through innovative digital technology allowing a double-layered grid made from polypropylene to be produced as a one-part injection moulded piece – and, for the first time, without the need for fibreglass reinforcements. It is this production technique that facilitated the intriguing visual effect of overlapping structures. Depending on the viewing angle, the grid lines forming the chair’s seating area seem to vibrate; picking up on the characteristic moiré effect, the seat shell comes to life in a subtle and pleasing interplay of light and shade. The Moiré chair thus presents new functional as well as ergonomic qualities while retaining the appeal of an almost archaic object.

Statement by the jury

»The entirely new functional as well as visual characteristics of the Moiré chair were facilitated through the use of innovative digital technologies. The design studio “Ton Haas industrial design” thus managed to develop a chair that turns a fascinating design idea into a vivid user experience. The layered structures and the resulting moiré effect led to a seating object of outstanding quality.«