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Hearing Aid

In-house design

Keith Guggenberger, Jerry Ruzicka, USA

Red Dot: Best of the Best

In tune

The world around us produces all manner of sounds and noises. However, the acoustic world is often tiring for people with hearing aids, because they hear too many things at the same time and they find it embarrassing when other people can see they need to wear a hearing aid. SoundLens opens up completely new possibilities for hearing with and using such a device. It is invisible and is “made to measure”, because it is designed for each ear individually. The extremely small SoundLens is customised, then inserted far inside the ear so that other people are unaware of it. Thus the wearer no longer feels marked out as being different. The positioning of the apparatus very close to the ear drum is based on an innovative technology, which uses a sophisticated principle to produce sounds which result in an excellent audio quality. SoundLens works with complex algorithms, is sound sensitive and of good performance. Thus wearers can hear everything that is going on around them. Furthermore, users find it agreeable to wear as it can reduce disturbing noises to a minimum. SoundLens is at the origin of a new generation of hearing aids that are in tune with human needs and combine innovative technology with a user-oriented design.

Statement by the jury

»In the jury’s opinion, in medicine, quality of life is a measure of people’s wellbeing. SoundLens, by Starkey, goes a long way to improving this. The miniaturising of a hearing aid and its positioning deep in the ear place it at the interface between a technical function that is nearly invisible and its obvious use, as well as tangible value to the wearer. This hearing aid has been designed with sensitivity, is almost invisible and is made to measure for every wearer.«