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Set-Top Box


ASCON Co., Ltd., Japan


Kom&Co.Design corp. (Makoto Migita), Japan

Red Dot
With the Ant’s set-top box, a product was developed allowing any user uncomplicated access to the Internet. Though only palm-sized, it features functions that can also be found in a computer. This is contrasted by the device’s plain design: the set-top box is thick-walled, unpainted and deliberately does without any details. Only the softly illuminated LED display sets accents, giving the product the appearance of a small piece of art. The user interface enables easy operation, consistently continuing the product philosophy. The set-top box is connected to a digital TV set via an HDMI cable. The remote control included with the unit enables the user to surf the Internet, watch Internet videos or use the digital picture frame function on the large display connected to the box.