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Vacuum Cleaner

In-house design

Helmut Kaiser, Jörg Schröter, Germany

Red Dot: Best of the Best

Functional mobility

The chore of using the vacuum cleaner is a new challenge every day. All areas must be vacuumed thoroughly without leaving behind a trace of dust or damaging the furniture. With this in mind, the concept of the Move provides an exciting take on the mobility of a vacuum cleaner. This vacuum cleaner is extremely nimble and gentle on the furniture. The centrepiece of this innovative mobility concept is a highly manoeuvrable 360-degree hinge which allows users to make rapid turns and ensures a high degree of flexibility. The extra-large XXL wheels of this vacuum cleaner turn smoothly and are coherently integrated into the overall shape.
The Move has successfully been designed to be compact and its organically curved form is appealing. The individual elements of the vacuum cleaner unite to form a homogenous whole. Another central aspect of the ease of use of the Move is that the problem of often confusing operating controls has been elegantly solved. The Move only has one control panel for the direct selection of functions. Stylish metal add-ons accentuate this control panel to increase its visibility. The energy consumption of this innovative vacuum cleaner is also in keeping with the times, consuming 25 per cent less than others.

Statement by the jury

»The Move vacuum cleaner gives this product category a new sense of aesthetics and mobility. The elements of this appealing appliance unite perfectly to create a homogenous entity. Using the Move is fun. Its functionality is a delight.«