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Husqvarna Rider Battery

Battery-powered Ride-on Lawn Mower


Husqvarna AB, Sweden

In-house design

Rajinder Mehra, Peter Wockatz, Torbjörn Almqvist , Sweden

Red Dot: Best of the Best

Cutting-edge contemporary

The renowned English lawn is a rich green and the grass is never more than two to three centimetres long. To achieve this, the owner needs to go to lot of effort from time to time. On top of this is the worry that the grass cutting will disturb the neighbours. The design of the Husqvarna Rider Battery sees the ride-on lawn mower as a very aesthetic vehicle – to the point of being something which is fun. It is well proportioned and its colour concept is reminiscent of a racy sports car. As the Husqvarna Rider Battery is highly compact and has flexible steering, the driver can easily manoeuvre it into the tightest of areas. The cutting unit is situated at the front so that grass under bushes and in corners can be perfectly mowed. The seat has been ergonomically designed to cope with all these tasks and affords the driver plenty of legroom. Comfortably seated on the vehicle, he can easily reach all the controls. The problem of disturbing the neighbours with engine noise and exhaust fumes does not apply to Husqvarna Rider Battery, as it is powered by an innovative battery technology. This lawn mower is very quiet and, depending on the condition of the lawn, a fully charged battery will power it for up to 90 minutes. It requires little maintenance and its compact form means that it takes up little space.

Statement by the jury

»The Husqvarna Rider Battery battery-powered ride-on lawn mower imparts driving pleasure and a positive attitude to life. Its ergonomic and compact form offers the driver the highest levels of comfort.«