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Kizuna ring (HIROGERU)


In-house design

Masaki Takahashi, Japan

Honourable Mention
The Japanese word “Hirogeru” translates as “to expand”. In connection with these wedding rings, the name can first be understood with regards to their manufacturing. During this process, thin metal sheets are heated and melted together into a block. As a result of the heat, the layers merge into one another, creating a wood-grain look with light and dark contrasts. Then the block is cut, and two wide rings are shaped out of it. Here the name “Hirogeru” attains its second symbolic meaning: the wedding rings represent the expansion of a love relationship between two people into an eternal bond.

Statement by the jury

»These wedding rings enchanted the jury with their fascinating manufacturing technique, which makes the hues of the metal look like real wood grain. «

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