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Xtreme X60


In-house design

Wen-Ya Kao, Jian-Hong Lin, Taiwan

Red Dot
The Xtreme X60 knee joint prosthesis has been developed especially for younger patients. “Xtreme” in the name stands for a barrier-free lifestyle. This prosthesis enables users to continue enjoying movement after the operation: when cycling, hiking or taking a walk in the park. The prosthesis features a patented hydraulic chamber, which makes it easier to adjust to rhythmic movements and different speeds. The bionic-inspired exterior conveys a young and fresh image. The knee joint’s polycentric design represents a combination of functionality and style.

Statement by the jury

»The jury praised how this knee joint, which conveys a positive feel to the wearer, not only supports an active lifestyle but also expresses this visually with its cheerful colours.«

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