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Renew SleepClock

Sleep Monitor with Alarm Function

In-house design

Eric Ferraz, Dominik Langhammer, Peter Riering-Czekalla, Nigel Whitehead, GB

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The Renew SleepClock enables the user to track sleep habits with the aid of a sensor. It records the respiratory frequency and movements of the sleeping person and thus provides an overview of sleep patterns. In the morning, the device wakes the slumbering person during a light sleep phase within a pre-programmed time period. Thanks to wireless signal transmission, the user is not disturbed by a head- or wristband.

Statement by the jury

»The jury was pleased with the innovative idea to monitor the user’s sleeping habits with wireless sensor technology through the Renew SleepClock. With a matte-black surface and soft blue LED display, the design is coherent and reserved.«