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Visit Russia

[Corporate Design]


SONATO, Union of National and International Tourist Organizations, Saint Petersburg, Russia


Studio DEZA, Saint Petersburg, Russia


Daria Erasova

Art Direction

Irina Shmidt

Creative Direction

Alexandr Suvorov

Head of Marketing

Ilona Koltinyuk

Project Management

Ilona Koltinyuk, Anna Dokunina, Alexandr Petrosyan

Strategic Planning/Copywriting

Natalia Medvedeva


Nadezhda Polomoshnova

The corporate identity of Visit Russia presents a variety of destinations which tourists can discover on their journey through Russia. Thus, the corporate design is based on a wide range of graphic elements, some of which are recognisable and stereotypical of Russia. Other elements form compositions and plots and become puzzles to solve while travelling in Russia. All elements are kept in the national colours of red and blue, and are connected by the lines of symbolic roads. Thus, the identity becomes a construction set of top travel destinations or events.

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