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Driven by Inventiveness – Clever Ideas since 1895

[Corporate Design]


ŠKODA AUTO a.s., Mladá Boleslav, Czech Republic


KMS TEAM, Munich, Germany

Account Management

Franziska Hösl

Art Direction

Gabriel Weiss

Content Management

Bernd Müller

Design Direction

Jessica Krier

Design Team

Denise Aebischer-Trebo, Aurelian Hallhuber, Angelo Ressegatti, Bruno Marek

Managing Partner

Knut Maierhofer, Patrick Märki

Production Services

Matthias Karpf

Production/Pre-Press Services

Christina Baur

Project Management

Christopher Winkler

In order to establish a more emotional connection with its customers, ŠKODA developed a new corporate design – inspired by the company’s brand essence, “Driven by Inventiveness”, and by its history. Based on the design vocabulary of Czech cubism in design and architecture, and Bohemian crystal art, the DNA crystal was created as a symbol for the spirit and core of the brand. The design grid for all corporate design elements, ranging from layout systems to typography, is derived from it. The result is an emotional and striking corporate design which ensures the 120-year-old brand is ready for the future.

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