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[Brand Design, Packaging Design]
[Red Dot: Junior Award]


FH JOANNEUM – University of Applied Sciences, Graz, Austria


Janina Zumann, Frankfurt/Main, Germany


Steffen Schaller, Boris Markic,, Gegenwart GmbH & Co. KG, Agency for Design and Communication, Frankfurt/Main, Germany

Due to its name, the Molotovka brand is brought to life evoking a multitude of connotations. The design refers to the Molotov cocktails which the Finnish resistance used successfully in the Winter War of 1939/40 against Soviet tanks. By use of a linear bottle with only a tiny bit of bright red, an emphatically sturdy box package, and the eye-catching positioning of danger warnings, the brand promotes an image which includes a number of values such as toughness, personal freedom and social support.

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