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Piave Organic

[Food Packaging]


Medio Piave, Fontanelle (Treviso), Italy


CBA, Milan, Italy

Client Direction

Cristiano Mauri

Creative Direction

Giacomo Cesana

Design Direction

Pasquale Di Meglio

Graphic Design

Annalisa Iacopino, Andrea Rossetti

Project Management

Chiara Ancetti

Piave Organic is a line of organic and natural seed oils, created for a rapidly evolving market. The challenge was to create a packaging design able to stand out among the competition, while also communicating the natural essences of the oils on a supermarket shelf. The key visual translates the power of nature into a positive and vibrant image, reminiscent of the splendour of a flower’s corolla. Each of the garlands surrounding the name of the product is composed of the characteristic parts of the plant from which the oils are produced and enriched.

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