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Authentic Taste

[Food Packaging]
[Red Dot: Junior Award]


Cheng Shiu University, Kaohsiung City, Taiwan


Jian-Fu Lin, Chu-Hsua Lin, Jing-Chun Xie, Bo-Ying Wu, Cheng Shiu University

Supervising Professor

Chiang-Fu Chen, Shou-Che Wu

Authentic Taste is the name given to a sausage made from seafood. The various packaging types for this food feature coloured illustrations of fish and prawns against a white background, creating a feeling of freshness and purity. The brand logo combines an illustration of Taiwan with calligraphic elements. The hexagonal gift box is reminiscent of ovens which were used in the past for drying sausages. The work, the design of which reflects cultural elements of Taiwan, includes, among other things, vacuum bags, paper bags, recipes and a calendar.

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