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Mr. Pip’s Double Cross

[Game Packaging]


Mr. Pip, El Segundo, California, USA


Pip Tompkin Design, El Segundo, California, USA

Creative Direction

Pip Tompkin, Denny Liao, Shannon Hematian

Design Team

Samuel McClellan, Madison Smith, Wantana Pojanaporn, Ella Jeong, Jarett Volkoff

Mr. Pip’s Double Cross is a modern twist on the classic dice game Liar’s Dice. The packaging is designed to be versatile enough for shipping protection, be intuitive at the point of sale, and highlight the company’s commitment to create “fewer better things”. A tessellating design reduces shipping and storage volume by 30 per cent, and forms a distinctive look at the point of sale. Rubber bands hold the packaging together and allow users to open and close it without damage, which in turn reduces waste. By using biodegradable paper, the packaging can be recycled, or will decompose, a reduction in waste for future generations.

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