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YokYor Seafood Delivery

[Food Packaging]


YokYor Restaurant, Bangkok, Thailand


Adhock Studio Co., Ltd., Bangkok, Thailand

Graphic Design

Kasidist Sokantat, Saranyu Koontanakulvong, Jindapat Boonkanokwong, Natdanai Chuanniyomtrakul, Piyapol Tonrang, Sorasisha Sirigate

Image Editing

Nutthpol Kandaj, Bangkok, Thailand

When the Bangkok seafood restaurant YokYor expanded its business to include take-away and delivery services, it came up with the idea to create an aesthetic packaging that attracts the customer’s attention when their order is delivered. In addition, the respective marine creature is depicted on each box so as to visually convey the freshness of the seafood. The key visuals introduce five characters of sea animals that are alive and trying to break out of the box in order to illustrate the type of seafood inside: fish, crab, crayfish, cockle or squid. The cartoon-like illustrations have a comical and emotive touch.

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