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Aarhus Theatre Season Programme 2017/2018



Aarhus Teater, Aarhus, Denmark


Creative ZOO, Aarhus, Denmark

Art Direction

Sune Engelund

Creative Direction

Jesper Vorre

Graphic Design

Charlotte Kousgaard, Jeppe Volander

Type Design

Rene Sørensen

The Aarhus Theatre Season Programme 2017/2018 communicates the theatre’s diversity and, with surprising details, urges the reader to rethink and experience the plays’ content in a new light. Unfolded, this publication has an impressive length of almost one metre, and it was handed out to all citizens in Aarhus. Its most striking design element is a custom-made typeface, which intends to frame the theatre’s soul by being dramatic, entertaining and fascinating. This typeface provides the theatre with a clear communicator that links its performances to cross-media synergies. Furthermore, the programme captivates attention with its striking colour, the neon and fluorescent pantone 811.

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