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DeliK’ – Delicious Kitchen

[Food Packaging]


Rudolf und Robert Houdek GmbH, Starnberg


Markenliaison GmbH, Munich

Art Direction

Diana Friedrich

Graphic Design

Bianca Bunsas


Martina Süsse

DeliK’ is a new brand by an established sausage manufactory, offering different meatball snacks. The task was to create a young and creative look with a personal touch that customers can identify with. Accordingly, each logo features a different portrait of a real employee recommending their favourite product. Therefore, the packages show a real face, which makes them personal and approachable for the customer. A slate background highlights the vegetables, photographed from above in a seemingly randomised arrangement. Large hand-drawn chalk lettering for the product names completes the design and gives the line a home-cooked touch.

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