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Chu Cheng

[Food Packaging]


Yunnan Shijian Fruit Co., Ltd.


TigerPan Packaging Design Lab., Shenzhen

Art Direction

Tiger Pan

In China, Chu Shijian is a legend – and his fruit and fruit boxes, showing the portrait of the “King of Oranges”, are widely known. After a turbulent business life, including imprisonment, he started up a new business after his release, at the age of 74. Cultivating oranges on 130 hectares of former wasteland, his new business had an annual sales volume of several hundred million after ten years. Because of all the positive energy his entrepreneurship carries, these oranges are famed as “inspirational oranges” so that no better persuasive expression could be found for the packaging design than Chu Shijian himself. Therefore, the logo on the cardboard fruit boxes shows the woodcut of his head, wearing the typical hat of a farmer, next to the company name as a reference to both the famous figure behind the fruit imperium and the natural origin of the fruits. The creatively designed boxes elevate the fruits automatically when unpacked with a simple pull for easy access. On top of that, every single orange comes wrapped in a well thought-out protective cover.

Statement by the jury

This packaging was developed for both transporting and selling. It convinces with its nice and simple two-coloured prints and graphic design as well as with an outstandingly clever functionality, highlighting the fruits by means of an easy mechanism. Made of plain cardboard, this packaging presents the oranges on the market shelves as if each of them were a piece of jewellery.

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