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engineering. tomorrow. together.

[Brand Signet]


thyssenkrupp AG, Essen


thjnk / loved, Hamburg

Account Director

Jonathan Sven Amelung, Philipp Stamer

Art Direction

Imke Jurok, Patrick Freund

Creative Direction

Maik Beimdieck

Managing Director

Peter Matz

The industrial companies Thyssen and Krupp merged in 1999 to an enterprise with almost 160,000 employees worldwide. With the aim of promoting unity and solidarity within the group, a new logo was developed. It is based on the historical symbols of the three Krupp rings and the Thyssen arch intertwined to form a single, harmonious icon. In connection with the company name in a modern, slim typeface and a radiant blue background, the brand signet has a distinctive appearance and expresses innovative strength.

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