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Demut Humility



Highendmedia GmbH, Seeshaupt


Clormann Design GmbH, Penzing

Art Direction

Natalie Amend, Michaela Vargas Coronado


Uli Wiesmeier, Murnau


DBM Druckhaus Berlin-Mitte GmbH, Berlin

This calendar is aimed at expressing the sense of “humility” that people feel in high mountain landscapes, a perspective that is marked by awe, respect and consequence vis-à-vis nature and people. In order to express the poetic beauty and magic of the mountains, the reduced design does without effects and instead focuses only on pure alpine photography. Certified under the strict requirements of “Blue Angel”, the calendar was printed on 100 per cent recycled paper with cobalt-free process colours and also a specially mixed colour. The finishing consists of only two clips, allowing an easy change of page each month.

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